Project Reference


(Nakhon Luang Plant Site)

Location: Nakhon Luang Plant Site
Project: Upgrade Pump and Motor from 500 kw to 1100kW
Application: Motor Pump 1 Set
Motor Size: SIEMENS 11ookW 3300V 50Hz/60Hz
Soft Start: HRVS-DN 330-320-110VDC-110VDC-S

(Samutsakron Station)

Project: PWA_ Samutsakron station
Application: Main pump 9 set
Motor Site: TMEIC 500kW 3300v 50Hz 1485 rpm
Soft Start: HRVS-DN 3300-110-110VDC-110VDC-S : 7 Unit
MV VSD: “TMEIC’ TM Drive – MV 3300V 900kVA : 2 Unit

 Exhaust Fan (Cement Plant)

Application: Exhaust Fan 1 Set
Motor Size: SIEMENS 450kW 3300V 50Hz
Soft Start: HRVS-DN 3300-110A with MPR6 and DMP10

(Air Compressor)

Application: Air Compressor 1 set
Motor Size: SIEMENS 2500kW 6600V 50Hz/60Hz
Soft Start: HRVS-DN 6900-300-125VDC-125VDC-S

Steel Industries

Project: (12 Bar Cooling Project for saving energy)
Application: Motor Pump 3 set
Moto Size: ABB 950kW 6600v 50Hz/60Hz
Soft Start: HRVS-DN 6600-250-110VDC-110VDC-S