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Main Features

  • Current system function, which automatically displays 3-phase current and leakage current in circulation every 5 seconds
  • Can be switched from auto circulation display mode to manual circulation mode with the touch of a button, allowing focused display on a certain element (one specific phase out of 3 phases or leakage current)
  • Contains the over current/under current/earth fault/current signal output function in a single EOCR
  • Wide range of use: 1~3600A - wide range: 0.5~60A; for 5 holes: 0.1~2.0A; with the use of an external CT: 1~3600A
  • Easily identifiable characters and numbers displaying trip causes
The last trip causes remembers up to the 3 most recent trip causes and the current at the time of the trips, and checks the operation even 

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