Harmonic Filter


System Structure


Switching module

The switching module is comprised of solid-state switching elements that provide reliable, high-speed transient-free
operation. Single, double or three-phase electronic switches, SCR/SCR or SCR/diode are used for each capacitor group.
Switching modules are specifically selected for each equalizer system based on the number of overall capacitor groups,
current requirements and voltage rating.

Cabinet Design

Each equalizer system IP20/NEMA1 cabinet is made of steel sheet, with an epoxy powder coated gray (RAL 7032).

Cabinet Options

  • Protection class upgrades (IP/NEMA)
  • Top-mounted fan unit and filters
  • Lockable fuse indication
  • Magnetic door lock
  • Top cable supports
  • Lifting eyes bolts
  • Pad-lock entry


     The EQUALIZER is the world’s fastest real-time power quality enhancement system optimizes all power quality factors and more, for a variety of dynamic fast changing balanced, unbalanced & single phase loads.
     The EQUALIZER features electronic switching of 5-20 Milliseconds @ 50 Hz, transient-free switching, voltage support, harmonic Filtration, Ficker & current spike reduction.

EQ Features

  • World’s Fastest Compensation System
  • Precise Automatic Power Factor Calculation with Correct Cycle by Cycle Response
  • Electronic Switching at Zero-Crossing; Transient-Free Solid-State Capacitor Switching
  • Reaction Response in Less than One Network Cycle (20 Millisecons @ 50 Hz / 17 Milliseconds @ 60 Hz)
  • Eliminate Voltage Fluctuations & Voltage Flickering
  • Energy Savings
  • Harmonic Filtration
  • Self-Testing & Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Long Lifetime Expectancy
  • Low Maintenance or “Maintenance Free”
  • Voltages up to 690V or Higher Using Step-Up Transformer
  • Unlimited kVAr Delivery Rating
  • Custom & Flexible Design (Suited to any Unique Customer’s Specifications)