Partial Discharge monitoring
for HV Rotating Machine
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On-Line Partial Discharge

Services and provides diagnostic test equipment which offers a Continuous On-Line Monitoring System that detects Partial Discharge by monitoring and recording all acoustic, electrical signals and electro magnetic waves. This high quality, low cost, test equipment is for use on transformers, GIS, CGIS, Cables, Motors, Generators and Metal Clad Switchgear. Our Systems capture True PD, eliminating False data and alarms. The early detection of equipment malfunction and imminent failure will prevent the catastrophic event and loss of revenue.




Medium Voltage Soft Starters

Low Voltage Soft Starters

Electronic Over Current Relays

On-Line Partial Discharge 





On-Line Partial Discharge













Facts about us

Welcome to APE GROUP

APE GROUP is the authorized sale of products from multinational companies which expertise in their related fields and also the authorized one-stop service center in Thailand.

APE GROUP is served for the design, installation, and commissioning of various types of electrical equipment since low voltage to high voltage, such as motor starter protection, power quality, and energy Saving. Another specialized service provided by our company is online partial discharge analysis of medium and high voltage electrical equipment. this technology is the most modern form of predictive analysis for analyzing the degradation of insulation in equipment such as transformer, GIS, Generator and Motor, etc.