Advanced Power Equipment (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is saved for the Design,Installation and commissioning of various types of Electrical equipment since low voltage to high voltage. Such as Motor Starter, Motor Protection, Power Quality, and Energy Saving. Another specialized service provided by our Company in Online Partial Discharge analysis of Medium and High Voltage electrical equipments. This technology is the most modern form of Predictive analysis for analyzing the degradation of Insulation in equipments such as Transformer, GIS, Generator and Motor etc.


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Our Work

- Design and Installation electrical system 
- To Consult for electrical system in the industries 
- Measuring Power Quality in electrical system 
- On-Line Partial Discharge Measuring in high voltage electrical and power system 
- Preventive Maintenance 
- Electrical workshop repair soft starter equipment.

On-Line Partial Discharge

Power plant, Sub-Station and High Voltage Equipment

HV Mortor & Generator

Generators , Motors

Oil-immersed Transformer


On-Line Partial Discharge


Soft Starter

LV & MV Heavy Duty Soft Starter

Preventive Maintenance

Incoming Terminator

Oil-immersed Transformer

Main Tank

Partial Discharge detector

Patial Discharge Service

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